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Asia & the Pacific | Executive Development Program for Parliamentary Officials | Montreal | 14-20 April 2013

Parliaments can be greatly aided in the performance of their legislative, oversight and representational functions by well-resourced and effective parliamentary administrations. Parliamentary staff that are able to provide timely and accurate administrative and advisory services to elected members can help ensure that parliamentary debates follow agreed rules (both written and unwritten) and that decisions are based on sound information and research.

As part of CDI’s continuing efforts to contribute to the strengthening of parliamentary administration in the Asia-Pacific region, we are pleased to be involved in the 2013 International Executive Development Program for Parliamentary Staff, a joint program of McGill University in Canada and the World Bank Institute (WBI).

The Program brings together 30 participants from parliaments in North America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and the Pacific in an 18-month long course comprising a five-day residential seminar at McGill University in Montreal, Canada from 14 to 20 April; seven e-learning courses to be completed in the period May 2013 to December 2014; and a supervised research project exploring issues relevant to each participants’ home parliament to commence before the end of 2013. Upon successful completion of the Program, participants will be awarded a McGill University Certificate in Parliamentary Administration.

The 2013 Program is the second run by McGill and WBI and CDI is pleased to join with the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA), the Parliamentary Centre in Canada, the Centre for International Development at State University New York and the European Parliament in offering its support. As part of this support the following parliamentary officials from CDI’s focus countries were sponsored to participate in the residential seminar at McGill:

  • Pinto Soares, Timor Leste
  • Indra Hardiansyah, Indonesia’s DPD
  • Endah Retnoastuti, Indonesia’s DPR
  • Werner Cohill, Papua New Guinea
  • Ian Rakafia, Solomon Islands
  • Elisi Selieni, Tonga

During the residential seminar, participants attended presentations, joined in discussions and completed group work on a range of topics including: representative government; principles of government accountability; parliamentary oversight; parliamentary law-making; representation in parliament; relations between parliaments and executives; parliamentary administration and management, strategic communications for parliaments; and benchmarking parliamentary performance.

Since returning home, participants have started working through the schedule of e-learning courses and begun preparing for their research projects. Participants are being guided through the Program by mentors; members of the residential seminar teaching panel who have been assigned to provide continuing learning support and advice for the duration of the Program.

The high quality teaching panel, which comprises internationally regarded experts in the field of parliamentary strengthening, is a feature of the Program. The panel is chaired by Professor Rick Stapenhurst (the Program Convener, from McGill University), Paul Belisle (former Clerk, Canadian Senate), Professor Phil Oxhorn (McGill), Dr Riccardo Pelizzo (WBI), Professor Gurprit Kindra (University of Ottawa), Mitch O’Brien (WBI) John Johnson (Chemonics International), Professor Mark Baskin (SUNY/CID), Anthony Stadden (University of Westminster) and Grant Harrison (CDI’s Deputy Director).

Mr Harrison’s contributions to the residential seminar focused on the law-making function of parliament. He is also mentoring the CDI-sponsored participants (and one additional PNG participant, Beverlyn Melken) through the remainder of the Program.

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Asia & the Pacific | Executive Development Program for Parliamentary Officials | Montreal | 14-20 April 2013

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The Centre for Democratic Institutions (CDI) supports the efforts of democracies in the Asia-Pacific region to strengthen their political systems. It provides training, technical assistance and peer support for parliamentarians, political party organisers and emerging leaders in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, with a particular focus on Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Fiji. CDI sponsors research and publications on political change and democratic governance.

Established in 1998, CDI is funded by the Australian Government. The Centre is based in the College of Asia and the Pacific at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra.

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