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Click on these links for details of CDI media contributions to general debate and analysis of governance issues in the Asia-Pacific.
  Improving women’s participation in PNG politics: learning from recent success: CDI Makes a Difference to Women’s Political Representation | DevPolicy Blog | 21 June 2013  
Fifth Bali Democracy Forum | CDI Director interviewed on ABC Radio | 8 November 2012
'Why so few female Pacific MPs?' | CDI Deputy Director interviewed on SBS Radio | 28 September 2012
30 June 2009 | CDI Director Ben Reilly was interviewed by Radio Australia's Linda Mottram about regional security and democracy in the South Pacific.
30 March 2009 | 'Pemilu 2009 Dinilai Asing Rawan Konflik' - Okezone
6 May 2009 | CDI Director Ben Reilly spoke to Australian Associated Press and Australian Television International about the impacts of the Defence White Paper and the role of the Australian Federal Police in the Pacific Islands.
18 March 2009 | 'Perilaku Koruptif DPR' - Tempo
11 December | "Big task to tackle at Bali forum", CDI Director Ben Reilly writes in the Canberra Times
7 May | Now available online: Ben Reilly spoke to New Scientist magazine (US) about the political consequences of preferential voting in Australia and elsewhere.
26 November | PNG Press coverage of PNG participants to CDI's Women in Politics Course in Canberra, click here for the story.
22 April | CDI Director Ben Reilly was interviewed on ABC Radio's PM on the subject of labour migration from the South Pacific.
November | CDI Director Ben Reilly spoke to Sean Dorney on Australia Network Television about political reform in the South Pacific.
18 April | CDI Director Ben Reilly was interviewed by Radio New Zealand on the problems and prospects of democracy in the developing world, including the South Pacific.
6 November | CDI Director Ben Reilly spoke to ABC Radio Australia about Bhutan's move towards democracy. Click on this link to hear the interview: Bhutan Crowns New King
20 March | CDI Director Ben Reilly joined other experts on Radio National's "Australia Talks" program to discuss democracy promotion and other key issues in the wake of the 5th anniversary of the Iraq war.
29 October | CDI Director Ben Reilly was interviewed on Australia Network Televison about the impact of the global economic crisis on the South Pacific.
11 February | Ben Reilly spoke to Australian Associated Press about the political situation in Timor-Leste
20 August | CDI Director Ben Reilly spoke to Channel 10 TV news about the Pacific Islands Forum meeting in Niue.
January | CDI Consultant Honoured in Australia Day Awards
1 August | An op-ed piece by CDI Director Ben Reilly on Japan's increasing engagement in the Pacific Islands was run in the August 1 edition of The Wall Street Journal Asia.  
December | PNG Press coverage of CDI's Pacific Parliamentary Dialogue held in Goroka.
22 June | Ben Reilly spoke to Agence France-Presse (AFP) about the 2007 national elections in Papua New Guinea. The resulting article appeared in the 29 June edition of The Age.
December | "Young Australian politicians ignorant of PNG" CDI Director Ben Reilly interviewed by The National in Goroka
10 May | Ben Reilly spoke to Radio New Zealand about Australia's international aid priorities as set out in the 2007 federal budget.
December | "Women play major role in peace process" Deputy Speaker of the Autonomous Bougainville Parliament Francesca Semoso interviewed by The National in Goroka at the CDI Pacific Parliamentary Dialogue
29 April | 'Akilisi Pohiva was interviewed by ABC TV's Asia-Pacific Focus about his 2007 CDI Annual Address topic, "The Quest for Democracy in Tonga".
November | CDI Director Ben Reilly was interviewed by IPS news on Australia's position in the Pacific: LINK
27 March | CDI Director Ben Reilly spoke to Associated Press and ABC Radio about the problems in East Timor and the history of preferential voting in Australia.
October | Ben Reilly was interviewed by the Washington Times about changing aid and security issues in the South Pacific.
7 February | Graeme Dobell Interviews Ben Reilly on his new publication which analyses Asian and Pacific political systems - Radio Australia

27 August | Article on CDI Policy Paper 2007/02 -'Concerns over slush funds high' - PNG Post Courier , Weekend Edition

December | Samoan TV and Newspaper coverage of CDI's 8th Pacific Parliamentary Dialogue in Samoa, 11-14 December in Apia.
11 September | Ben Reilly spoke to SBS Radio News about the prospects for democracy in Tonga following the death of King Taufa'ahau Tupou.
7 December | Ben Reilly spoke to Radio Australia about CDI's 8th Pacific Parliamentary Dialogue in Samoa, 11-14 December in Apia.
4 September: Ben Reilly interviewed on Australia Network TV on China, Taiwan, and the Pacific.
6 December | CDI Deputy Director, Quinton Clements, interviewed on Perth’s RTR FM 92.1 in relation to the military takeover in Fiji.
14 July: Personalities Over Policies - Political Parties in the Pacific, Roland Rich on ABC Radio - Asia Pacific
6 December | Ben Reilly wrote on the problems for democracy posed by military forces in the Pacific Islands, in the Wall Street Journal Asia.
7 July: East Timor - Fragile States, Ben Reilly on ABC Radio National
17 November | Ben Reilly spoke to Channel 7 TV, SBS, & ABC Drivetime Radio (Sydney) about pressures for a transition to democracy in Tonga following the November rioting in Nuku'alofa. Channel 7 interview was syndicated across Australia, and throughout the region on Sky News Australia - transcripts of these interviews yet to be posted as of 20 November.
21 April: Ben Reilly spoke to ABC Radio National about the importance of building strong political parties in the Solomon Islands and elsewhere in the South Pacific.
16 October | CDI Director Ben Reilly spoke to The World Today (ABC Radio) about Australia's relations with Papua New Guinea.
20 April: Michael Morgan: 'Peacemakers in Honiara: solution becomes part of the problem', Sydney Morning Herald.
6 October | CDI Director Ben Reilly was interviewed by Newsweek magazine about the consequences for Southeast Asian democracy following the coup in Thailand.
-Link currently unavailable - Ben Reilly interviewed for ABC TV on China's role in the South Pacific on the occassion of Premier Wen Jiabao's  vist to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.


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The Centre for Democratic Institutions (CDI) supports the efforts of democracies in the Asia-Pacific region to strengthen their political systems. It provides training, technical assistance and peer support for parliamentarians, political party organisers and emerging leaders in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, with a particular focus on Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Fiji. CDI sponsors research and publications on political change and democratic governance.

Established in 1998, CDI is funded by the Australian Government. The Centre is based in the College of Asia and the Pacific at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra.

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