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CDI's Parliamentary Strengthening Program

Democratic parliaments are representative institutions whose role is to develop and review legislation and to maintain popular accountability over executive government and institutions of state. Each election produces a new set of people’s representatives, but parliament as an institution is sustained by a set of agreed principles and a host of written and unwritten rules. Parliamentary staff provide advice about the application of the rules and support the work of the elected members as they fulfill their constitutional roles.

CDI’s targets for parliamentary strengthening are therefore threefold: members of parliament (MP), parliamentary staff and the principles and rules that underpin parliamentary practice.

CDI delivers a range of programs designed to strengthen the capacity of MPs to carry out their representative, legislative and oversight duties. For example, Public Accounts Committees (PAC) and the role of parliaments in scrutinising the expenditure of public money is a particular focus. We deliver training courses for PAC members in our target countries and sponsor cross-country and regional cooperative activities.

CDI undetakes new initiatives to assist the development of more effective committee work in Pacific parliaments and to foster emerging leaders in legislative institutions in Indonesia.

CDI’s major focus since it’s inception has been the training of parliamentary staff. We sponsor staff visits and exchanges between national and state-level parliaments in Australia and their counterparts in our partner countries. We give special attention to supporting the research and analysis functions of parliamentary secretariats because of the critical importance of information and policy advice in a modern parliament. A consistent theme is the creation of good working relations between parliamentary staff and the members they support.

CDI promotes efforts to make parliamentary procedure and practice more effective and consistent with the principles of transparency and public accountability. This includes areas such as supporting the development of comprehensive standing orders in small Pacific parliaments and of committee inquiry practices in all our target institutions.

Many of our activities properly combine our two major and related sectoral concerns of Parliamentary Strengthening and Political Party Development. Accordingly, listed below are all our activities which both focus primarily on, or include significant elements of, Parliamentary Strengthening work:

Asia & the Pacific | Building Regional Networks for Parliamentary Oversight - 2013 ACPAC Conference | Sydney | 11-12 April  
Global | CDI Participates in International IDEA's Annual Democracy Forum | Canberra 26-27 November 2012

Vanuatu | Election Observation Mission | October 2012

Vanuatu | Women Candidates Training - 2012 Elections | Port Villa | 6-10 August 2012
PPS 2012/01 | Christine McMurray - National Elections and Women Candidates in Solomon Islands: Results from the People’s Survey
Research: Programs – Publications – Workshops – Conferences
Program Development & Further Activities
CDI-PD | CDI Sponsors IPD Organisational Development Adviser | Bali | 2011-12



The Australian National University

School of International, Political & Strategic Studies

The Centre for Democratic Institutions (CDI) supports the efforts of democracies in the Asia-Pacific region to strengthen their political systems. It provides training, technical assistance and peer support for parliamentarians, political party organisers and emerging leaders in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, with a particular focus on Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Fiji. CDI sponsors research and publications on political change and democratic governance.

Established in 1998, CDI is funded by the Australian Government. The Centre is based in the College of Asia and the Pacific at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra.

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