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CDI Alumni Update

At CDI we really like hearing about what our past students and project participants are up to. So if you have a new exciting job or promotion, or a great project you are working on, or anything else of interest, please drop us a line directly to cdi@anu.edu.au and we'd be very happy to include your news on this page.

And don't forget, we also strongly value hearing your thoughts on how the particular CDI activity you participated in was conducted, how the experience assists and informs your work today, and what sorts of activities you would like to see CDI undertake in the future. Checkout our Evaluation page for all the details on this.

Many thanks,


November 2011

WiP 2008 Kiribati participant Mrs Tangariki Reete MP won a landslide victory in the October 2011 elections.


December 2011

The only female member of the Guadalcanal Provincial Assembly and a recent recipient of the CDI Political Party Development training in Canberra [May 2011], the Hon Ileen Sulukonina has been given the Women, Youth and Sports’ portfolio. Hon Sulukonina confirmed that she has been given the portfolio a few months after the training which to her was a great help.

According to her, the training gave her a lot of confidence and boosted her understanding of politics particularly political party formulation and implementation. Hon Sulukonina said she is working on strategies to get more women into politics and decision making even though she knew a lot of challenges exists when it comes to that.
She thanked CDI for the worthwhile training and support and said she hoped a lot more will be coming forth as well as seeing more participation of Solomon Islands women from the provinces.



August 2010

PPD 2009 Solomon Islands participant Silas Kerry Vaqara Tausinga was elected to the national parliament of Solomon Islands in the August 2010 election to represent the people of West New Georgia-Vona Vona for the next four years. Tausinga is the youngest ever MP to enter the national Parliament, and comes from a political family with his father Job Duddley Tausinga being re-elected in 2010 for his seventh term in the national parliament.

PPD 2007 Solomon Islands participant John Moffat Fugui was also elected to the national parliament of Solomon Islands in the August 2010 election for the seat of Central Honiara.

Click on the first link below for all the details on Silas Tausinga's election in this story from the Solomon Star newspaper, and on the second and third links for details on the 2009 and 2007 CDI Political Party Development Courses



July 2009

PPD 2008 participants elected to parliament in the April 2009 Indonesian election: Ms Ledia Hanifa Moechsoen was elected to the Indonesian House of Representatives (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat, Republik Indonesia (DPR-RI)) for the Prosperous Justice Party, and Mr Luhur Pambudi was elected to the Central Java local district parliament.


April 2009

Mr John-Paul Langbroek, Member for Surfers Paradise in the Queensland Legislative Assembly, was elected the leader of the Queensland Liberal National Party (LNP) on 2 April 2009. Along with Labor MLA John English, he participated in CDI's 2007 Pacific Parliamentary Dialogue in Goroka, Papua New Guinea, which focussed on the role of parliament in managing conflicts, and gave parliamentarians from around the Pacific region, Timor-Leste, Australia and New Zealand the opportunity to exchange views and engage with fellow political practitioners.


March 2008:

PPD 2007 participant Liew Chin Tong was elected to the Penang state parliament in the recent Malaysian election.

January 2008:

PPD 2007 participant Mr Gabriel Suri was appointed acting Solomon Islands Attorney General. The appointment given to Mr. Suri was a Cabinet decision officially made in January 2008 and is valid for six months during which the government will advertise the post.


October 2007:

Timor-Leste PPD 2007 participant Cristiano DA COSTA was elected to parliament in 2007 and appointed Vice Minister responsible for the Economy and Development, while PPD 2006 Timor-Leste participant Mariano SABINO LOPES MP was appointed Timor-Leste Minister of Agriculture in 2007.

As Secretary of the National Alliance Party (NA) in PNG, PPD 2006 participant Joyce Grant was the NA campaign manager for the 2007 PNG national election which saw the NA returned to government.















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